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During this phase, the re-imagined library engaged in extensive design and redesign efforts, collaborating closely with architects. The overarching objective was to maximize every square inch of the planned expansion while considering both current and future community needs. The Architects and the Library worked together to emphasize adaptability and modularity, ensuring that the library could evolve its spaces without incurring significant expenses. Drawing insights from past challenges, the design decisions were informed by practical experience. Ultimately, the vision for the re-imagined library (GCL+) aimed to expand its reach and redefine what a community library could be.



Beginning in early 2024, the library began planning the fundraising campaign. Community engagement plays a crucial role as the library actively shares the vision for the re-imagined space and emphasizes its benefits. Donor outreach efforts target individuals, businesses, and organizations, seeking their support. Various events, donation drives, and grant applications are organized to raise funds. Simultaneously, the library allocates funds strategically, considering construction costs, design fees, permits, and other expenses. Throughout this process, ensuring uninterrupted service during construction remains the library’s top priority.



During the construction phase, the library takes several crucial steps. First, it plans for the temporary closure of the existing building, ensuring clear communication with patrons about closure dates and alternative services. Second, the library explores off-site relocation options, considering factors like proximity to the community, accessibility, and capacity. The primary aim is to minimize disruption to library users. Third, meticulous logistics planning ensures uninterrupted service. Temporary facilities, such as pop-up libraries or mobile services, may be set up. Staff training and communication protocols are established, emphasizing the library’s unwavering commitment to serving the community even amidst construction activities.

The future!


Finally, the library is ready to unveil its vibrant new spaces! Imagine stepping into a world where cozy reading nooks coexist with cutting-edge technology hubs. The re-imagined library promises fun and educational opportunities galore: interactive workshops, author talks, maker spaces, and community events. Whether you’re diving into a novel, exploring virtual reality, or attending a poetry slam, the library is your gateway to discovery. Let’s celebrate the grand reopening and embrace the boundless knowledge and creativity that await us all!

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