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What do we want to do?

The library serves as a hub for ideas, and we certainly have no shortage of them. However, our primary challenge has been space. Balancing growth and adaptation with limited room has been difficult. While some trade-offs make sense, we hope to introduce new services to the community without sacrificing existing ones.


Here are some of the big components we hope to bring to our library with this remodel plan:

+ Hours and Access

With the integration of advanced technology and innovative design elements, we aim to enhance access and extend operating hours in the future. The upcoming building design will allow for streamlined staffing, enabling our existing personnel to be more readily available throughout the week.


+ Study and Meeting Rooms

Our existing four meeting rooms are consistently in high demand. When not reserved ahead of time, they are promptly occupied by patrons seeking a peaceful environment for reading, studying, or conversation. The upcoming building design addresses this issue by providing additional spaces, including smaller two-person study rooms and larger conference areas.

Teen Section

Teens have unfairly been left out of our library space. We’ve tried to better accommodate them in recent years, but it’s time they have their own place to meet, study, play video games, or floss.



We have a passion for all sorts of toys, and our goal is to make them accessible to everyone. Whether it’s sewing machines or 3D printers, we aspire to curate a diverse collection of tools that empower people to design, learn, and create their favorite things.


Teaching Kitchen

Beyond toys, our passion lies in food. Hosting cooking and nutrition classes has been a delightful journey. However, our excitement peaks with the prospect of a dedicated teaching kitchen. Outfitted to instruct a small group of amateur chefs, this space aims to provide our patrons with professional-level culinary skills.

  • Larger Children’s Section
  • Teen Area
  • Makerspace
  • Larger Friends of the Library Book Sale Room
  • Teaching Kitchen
  • Cafe
  • More study/meeting/quiet rooms
  • More space for community programming

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