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“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.”
– Andrew Carnegie

Our building has seen…

  • 10 million visitors
  • 17 million checkouts
  • 10 Spider-Man movies
  • 5 presidents
  • 3 recessions
  • COVID-19
  • Y2K


The Need

SPACE, the Final Frontier

Our library, originally built when Garland County had a population of 73,000 residents, now faces space constraints. Over the past three decades, our community has grown by thirty thousand residents, and our library is bursting at the seams. We’re evolving rapidly, embracing new concepts like meeting spaces, telehealth, and workshops. However, all these exciting ideas require room to breathe.

To address this challenge, we’re seeking funding for a remodel. Our plan is to add 10,000 square feet by constructing a mezzanine above the existing fiction and non-fiction areas. Not only is this approach more cost-effective than relocating to a new building, but it will also extend the library’s lifespan by several decades.

The mezzanine will create space for innovative programming, including a dedicated teen section, a STEM lab, and a teaching kitchen. But we won’t stop there—our entire building will be reorganized for better efficiency and accessibility.

While the library board has allocated funds for the essential expansion, we’re reaching out for additional support to fund new and innovative spaces and to fund critical upgrades to existing systems like HVAC. The STEM lab, teaching kitchen, recording booths, and other exciting features all require extra funding. Our vision is to create an entirely new and modern library for you, ensuring that when we unveil the expansion, it’s everything you could hope for.


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